GPE Introduction Event 2017

Thursday 19. October 2017

Last week we had the pleasure to welcome our new intake during our 3-Day #GPEintroductionevent

On the first day the new students were greeted by the Founder of GPE Prof. Seliger and by our Dean Prof. Kohl, before they found out about the structures of GPE and the TU Berlin. After that we have taken photos and met with lectures and seniors on an evening party.

During the second day, our students were introduced to the scientific contents of every module, so that they could choose exactly the modules, that fit to their individual profile.

The third day was called the social-day, where the students participated in a German course, to find out what their language level is. Afterwards we did a campus tour to show them the magnificent TU Berlin buildings. Finally we always want to give our new students some insights in Berlin’s rich history, so we took them on a guided tour to the museum „Story of Berlin“. In the evening we went to one of Berlin´s nightlife centers and concluded the event with some drinks.

After our great event, we have taken about 1300 photos! So we have chosen the best 60 of them for you. You can find them on our Facebook page. Many thanks to our chief-engineer and photographer Arne Glodde for an amazing work at the #GPEIntroductionEvent - we hope you´ll enjoy it.