Scope of GPE

Globalization and technology development advance rapidly. In a global market companies have to balance the ability to create and design innovative solutions as well as the ability to exploit them. 
Industry-based companies demand strategy-oriented personnel with a solid technological basis on the one side and an entrepreneurial attitude on the other.

Context of Global Production Engineering

Global Production Engineering GPE belongs to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems, which draws together engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, transport technology and social sciences. The drive to view complex systems in the context of their social, technical, economic and ecological ramifications is mirrored in the individual course programs. As part of the Mechanical Engineering and Transport System faculty, GPE was born and founded in the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF) at the Production Technology Center (PTZ), which also cover the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Plants and Construction Technology (IPK), both from 1965 to 1997 lead by famous Prof. Gunter Spur. At the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management, the research and teaching program focus on technology and management in industrial factory business today, these ranges from the development of process technologies and production plants to information technology. more

About GPE

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Q: How does the application process work?

A: Applications for the GPE program are only accepted online via this link. Paper applications...

Q: What does GPE cost?

A: The program fee is 15.500 EUR for the complete two-year program. Additionally, living costs...

Q: What is special about Germany?

A: Climate and geographic conditions Germany has a temperate climate. In summer the temperature is...