International Student Body

An international attitude

The special international make-up of the GPE student body that attends GPE every year is the hallmark of the program. The strong international orientation of our program can be seen in the fact that 95% of our students are natives of countries other than Germany. Over 500 students from 51 different countries already chose "Global Production Engineering" since it has been launched in 1998 and more than 400 students graduated from TU Berlin as a "Master of Science in Global Production Engineering" until February 2012 from which 22 percent are female. All courses are taught in English, giving students the option of taking all of their examinations in the English language.

This kind of special mix of students is rarely found in comparable programs. In courses designed to orient them toward working in the global village, students learn from each other on a daily basis how to develop ideas, come up with common solutions, and implement them. In this way, their educational training prepares them for intercultural teamwork with a changing mix of team members to deal with tasks under the tutelage of experienced instructors.

The international flavor of the student body and assistant professors plays a key role in the educational process. Every year, visiting professors give lectures for GPE; in recent years these have included professors from the University of Michigan, USA; the University of New South Wales, Australia; the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, Korea; the University of Cincinnati, USA; the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA; the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China; Tongji University Shanghai, China; and Waseda University Tokyo, Japan.

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