Studies, Features & Service


Students acquire:

  • Technological and economical system competence,
  • Methodical competence in engineering and management,
  • Social competence in communication and cooperation as well as
  • Competence in transdisciplinary production technology with selected exemplary specializations.

The program promotes technical competencies in the engineering disciplines, development of manufacturing processes and tools, modeling and simulation, quality control, sustainability, and economic evaluation as well as the ability for lifelong learning in rapidly changing knowledge domains.

Students can design their qualification profiles for their professional career plans. These profiles result from combinations of course modules out of the module groups:

  • Production,
  • Engineering,
  • Management,
  • Intercultural Communication and
  • selected "Special Profile" modules.


Management of Technology:
GPE combines profound German engineering knowledge with entrepreneurship rather than bare business administration.

Much experience with international students:
GPE is one of the first international master's programs in Germany. All courses are taught in English, except of course German lessons.

Configurable to your needs:
There are no mandatory courses, so GPE is highly flexible to serve your needs. You only have to make sure to choose courses from several of categories.

Internship and Master Thesis:

In an internship. students get in touch with new business cultures and work methods. A master thesis teaches methodical and systematic approaches to typical engineering tasks. Therefore, internship and master thesis form an important part of profound engineering education.

Unique study management system:
GPE has developed it's portal for communication between lecturers, students, and coordination, for administrative issues like registration and course arrangement, as well as for continuous monitoring of the current study progress. This is currently being revised and the new version is to be rolled out soon.


The program offers extensive service including

  • individual guidance
    regarding the structuring of course selection
  • a senior student program including pick-up service at the airport
    supporting and advising new students
  • introduction program
    you will be introduced to TU Berlin, the GPE program, module presentation, presentation of important regulations, lecturers and Professors, and much more
  • PC Pool 
    reserved only for GPE students including print service  
  • library facilities
    special literature in English language
  • separate examination office
    to avoid long waiting periods
  • Internet-based coordination and information
    giving always the day information on courses, dates, the status of studies, etc.
  • Visits of fairs, companies, and important industry regions
    such as Hannover Fair, Inter Solar, Solar Valley, etc.
  • Application and soft skill training
  • a collection of internship and job contacts
    a long list of companies, which already employed a big number of GPE graduates such as Daimler, Rolls Royce, Siemens, BMW, VW, etc.
  • and a Graduate Alumni Partnership network (GAP).

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Q: How does the application process work?

A: Applications for the GPE program are only accepted online via this link. Paper applications...

Q: What does GPE cost?

A: The program fee is 15.500 EUR for the complete two-year program. Additionally, living costs...

Q: How much do I have to plan for living costs in Germany?

A: Your monthly costs sum up to more or less 1000 EUR per month:450 EUR: Student apartments range...