Germany & Berlin

Germany – A pioneer in the production and renewable energy technologies

Since early industrialization, Germany is among the leading manufacturers of technical solutions for mobility, energy, and manufacturing equipment. A tremendous amount of companies act as worldwide market leaders, amongst others in the field of automobiles, aircraft, trains, photovoltaic cells, wind generators, steam turbines, robotics, machine tools, or construction of special-purpose machinery, and represent the high competence of German Engineers. German companies are always looking for international engineers with German expertise and knowledge of the local conditions in their home country to work as intermediaries in technological innovation. Especially in light of the present demographic change, skilled workers are welcome at any time.

Academic excellence and international orientation at German universities

The academic excellence of German universities and particularly of the Technical Universities is convincing more and more “high-potentials” from all over the world. More than 440.000 foreign students are currently registered at German universities – nearly 150.000 students more than 10 years ago.

Berlin - Innovation center for business and industry

Watch the image-video from visitberlin to get a first impression of your potential future home:


Berlin is not just Germany's political center but is also among the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. As a location, the capital region offers businesses and investors ideal conditions, such as well-developed infrastructure, an ultramodern telecommunications structure as well as an excellent science and research community. Berlin's economic structure is diverse and is shaped by industrial firms with long traditions, strong SMEs, and a dynamic service sector, as well as innovative high-tech businesses.

Over 50.000 companies have moved to Berlin or have invested here between 2001 and 2019. In addition to the world-famous great names like Siemens, Bosch, and BMW, Berlin is not only home to the manufacturing industry, but also home to a cluster of energy industry companies, as well as a huge number of start-ups of all kinds.

According to a survey by the Forsa polling institute in 2012, people younger than 30 are especially impressed with Berlin as a business location. The growing economy, the growing number of jobs, and the international environment are reasons for the city’s one-of-a-kind energy.

Berlin is among the largest and most diverse scientific areas in Europe. It is the city with the most students in Germany, about 200.000 students study at Berlin’s three universities. Also, it is home to Germany's largest concentration of scientific institutions, amongst others, several institutes of Fraunhofer Society, and Helmholtz Society, as well as corporate research and development departments like Siemens, Telekom, and FAV.


Berlin – Costs of Living

The cost of living in Germany is rather high. However, Berlin, its capital, is in some ways the exception to the rule. Although they have been rising in recent years, compared to other cities in Germany, Berlin's rents and costs of living remain relatively low. Depending on your lifestyle, the city is affordable. There are budget places to eat and drink, and coffee shops and bars offer good bargains and won't hassle you if you take your time to finish one drink.

Regarding the cost of living, according to international city rankings, Berlin is nowhere near the top. It is considerably cheaper than any other capital in Western Europe while offering a wide range of attractions and events!

Mobility in Berlin

Unlike a lot of other western capitals, Berlin has an excellent public transport system which operates 24 hours / 7 days a week to get you everywhere, anytime. Check out this video from visitberlin to learn how to get around and what you need to pay attention to:


Berlin – Lifestyle, culture, and leisure activities

Berlin is not just intriguing to foreign visitors. Encompassing 890 km² and a population of around 3.5 million, Berlin has room for all kinds of lifestyles and every age. People from 190 nations contribute to the lively atmosphere in Germany's capital.

Berliners treasure their urban surroundings more than the residents of any other city in Europe. According to a 2016 Eurostat poll, 91 percent of Berlin's citizens feel positive about their city, especially its architecture, the green spaces available, and cultural institutions.  Berlin has something for everyone: modern shopping centers, peace, cultural offerings of extraordinary diversity, and an outstanding nightlife scene. Berlin is the place to be!

For further information about Berlin please visit one of the official Berlin websites: 

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