History in a nutshell

In 1998, the study program Global Production Engineering (GPE) was the first international postgraduate master program of the TU Berlin. The program was started with a particular focus on the education of bachelor engineers in the engineering and management of production technologies. Soon it became evident to adjust our course portfolio to meet the demands of the ever-growing solar industry.

In 2008, GPE divided its courses into two specializations: GPE Manufacturing and GPE Solar Technology.

In 2015, the focus of GPE Solar Technology was expanded to further renewable energy technologies such as wind, hydropower or bio energy. The specialization was re-named to GPE New Energy Technologies.

In 2017, the formerly known specializations "GPE in Manufacturing" and "GPE for New Energy Technologies" have been merged to cover the increasing requirements of the necessary energy transition, which can also be taken into account in production.

Individual specializations are still available and depend on the composition of the chosen modules.

In 2019,  the cooperation with the prestigious East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai has begun. Since then, 20 Chinese students successfully participate in the GPE ECUST courses in Berlin or Shanghai every year, of which the first graduates will receive their Master of Science certificate this fall.

GPE Intake 2021 in presence or digital

The experiences of the last months have prompted us to further develop GPE - with the result: GPE goes digital.

In the future, we do not only want to welcome students in Berlin and offer face-to-face classes. We also want to enable interested students, for whom a temporary change of residence or a complete income interruption is not feasible, to study GPE to become a Master of Science. Professionally produced instructional videos can be viewed regardless of time or location, dedicated instructors provide online support and live sessions allow interactions with fellow students.

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