Why study GPE-D?

To meet the growing challenges and opportunities in a globalized economy, the need for leaders with international perspective increases. In order to take global leadership in the dynamic world economy, knowledge in technological innovation, scientific solution spaces, comprehensive management and intercultural skills are necessary.

GPE accepts the challenge to comprehensively train engineers for work in international value chains with its program structure consisting of the five module groups production, engineering, management, intercultural communication and special profile. GPE promotes technical skills in engineering disciplines such as the development of manufacturing processes and tools, modelling and simulation, quality control and economic evaluation. The degree program offers comprehensive qualification in booming renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics, wind energy and hydropower. The course of studies is oriented around the requirements in commercial practice and takes relevant steps of the value-creating process such as management, financing, law and marketing aspects of the renewables industry into account.

The GPE program provides students with the ability for life-long learning in rapidly changing knowledge domains, fostering their self-initiative, decision-making skills and their ability to work in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. The gained knowledge and qualification through participation in the study course allows alumni to access technology-oriented companies and organizations and enables them to be entrepreneurs.

The modular program structure allows students to set an individual focus, according to their interests, making it possible when desired to specialize at an early stage. The main focus can be on production technology, engineering, management or renewable energies.

There is a high demand for GPE Students from small- and midsized companies as well as from large international corporations. The occupational areas are most often found in management and administration, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as printing technology. An indicator for the demand in a certain specialization is the offering of internships and especially Master theses. Often students receive a job offer after successfully finishing their Master thesis at a company.

GPE Alumni are especially attractive to internationally operating companies. The entrepreneurs as well as their former fellow students who work as employees especially benefit from the combination of technical oriented management education and their achieved sociocultural abilities.

GPE is embedded in the department of Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF), which is located in the Center for Production Technology, an international, dynamic scientific and industrial network. Founded in 1904, the institution is home to research, education and industrial services on the cutting edge of engineering technology. A modern infrastructure forms the backbone of a globally active innovation factory. The Center for Production Technology offers a wide range of production, simulation and testing tools for the well-founded procurement of technical fundamentals, various production technologies and practical implementation in plant engineering and construction.

Courses on Renewable Energies are integrated into GPE, beginning in Intake 2017.

The study contents are oriented around the requirements of enterprises in the field of renewable energy technologies. Manufactures of renewable technologies components as well as subcontractors, project developers, system providers and planners are all seeking personnel, who can be successfully employed in the enterprise activities. Therefore, the close connection to renewables enterprises from all levels of the value creation process is an important element of the degree program.

The renewables industry is characterized by rapid, dynamic growth as well as globalized markets. Accordingly, the demands on tomorrow's qualified personnel are very broad. GPE New Energies Technologies modules are aimed at preparing graduates for the demands of such a future-oriented field. This includes not only the transfer of technical know-how and professional competence, but the development of personal competence and soft skills as well as an understanding of markets, strategies and developments.

Due to the rapid development in the field of renewable energy, in particular, solar technology, growth rates of up to 20% are expected in the next few years. Skilled employees are already urgently sought after in the industry.

The long teaching experience at the Institute for Machining Tools and Factory Management is combined with the industrial and practical affiliations of the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC). RENAC is partner of the TU Berlin. RENAC serves as the interface between students and industry and offers a number of practically oriented courses during the two years of study. RENAC offers education and training in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for an international audience. RENAC is optimally networked, through the management's extensive cooperation with the renewables industry. In this manner, education and practical experience are ideally connected.

Further information about GPE Alumni under: Testimonials/Alumni Database

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