Members of the Examination Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Kohl

(Chairman of Examination Board)
TU Berlin - Department Sustainable Corporate Development
E-Mail: holger.kohl(at)  

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Jochem

TU Berlin - Department Quality Management
E-Mail: roland.jochem(at)
Web:   Profile on TU Berlin website

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Krüger

TU Berlin - Department Industrial Automation Technology
E-Mail:  joerg.krueger(at)  

M.Sc. Bastian Schumacher

GPE Program Manager 
E-mail: schumacher(at)
Web:    Profile page on TU Berlin website


Further Lecturers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Seliger (em.) / Founder of GPE
TU Berlin - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport System 
E-Mail: seliger(at)


Dr.-Ing. Dieter Schacher
Management Consulting
E-Mail: dieter.schacher(at)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Liudger Dienel
TU Berlin - Center for Work and Technology
E-Mail: hans-liudger.dienel(at)

Dr. Christoph-Friedrich von Braun
Technology and Strategy Consulting
E-Mail: christoph(at)

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dittrich
Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
E-Mail: dittrich(at)

Dr.-Ing. Bruno Gries 
E-Mail: bruno.gries(at)

Prof. Dr. Martin Groetschel
Zuse Institute Berlin
E-Mail: groetschel(at)

Dr. Christine Wörlen
Arepo Consult

E-mail: info(at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hanitsch (em.)
TU Berlin - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
E-Mail: r-e.hanitsch(at) 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark
TU Berlin - Department Industrial Informationtechnology
E-Mail: rainer.stark(at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Straube
TU Berlin - Institut für Technologie und Management
E-Mail: sekretariat(at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Savas Tuemis
Industrial Consulting
E-mail: savas.tumis(at)

Dr.-Ing Olga Papathanasiou
Photovoltaic Technology Consultant
E-mail: olga.papathanasiou(at)

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Kai Strunz 
TU Berlin - Department Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy (SENSE)
E-Mail:  Kai.Strunz(at)

Mr. Valentin Ade
Negotiation Training
E-Mail: ade(at)

Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Strecker
TU Berlin – Department Sustainable Engineering
E-Mail: : e.strecker(at)
Web:     Profile on TU Berlin website

Prof. Dr. Tetyana Morozyuk
TU Berlin - Department for Energy Engineering and Environment Protection
E-Mail: morozyuk(at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Ziegler
TU Berlin - Department Machine- and Power Plant Technics 
E-Mail:  felix.ziegler(at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. e.h. Dr. h.c. George Tsatsaronis
TU Berlin - Department for Energy Engineering and Environment Protection
E-mail: gorgios.tsatsaronis(at)


M.Sc. Jan Philipp Menn
TU Berlin - Department for Assembly Technology and Factory Management
E-mail: menn(at)
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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Muschard
TU Berlin - Department for Assembly Technology and Factory Management
E-mail: muschard(at)

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M. Sc. Felix Sieckmann
TU Berlin - Department for Assembly Technology and Factory Management
E-mail: Sieckmann(at)

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