GPE Modules

The GPE Program is structured in five module groups Production, Engineering, Management, Intercultural Communication and Special Profile.

In order to complete the program a student has to reach 120 credit points (CP)according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Within the first three semesters 90 CP has to be reached under the restriction, that at least one module out of every module group is chosen

  • Group A-D each minimum 12 CP
  • Group E minimum 6 CP

This adds up to 54 credit points. Another 36 credit points have to be chosen from the list of GPE modules.
Students can select these modules according to their qualification goals.

Additionally during the fourth semester the remaining 30 CP have to be reached by 

  • doing an internship of at least 9 weeks in a company, whose site is located in a country different from the home culture (12 credit points).
  • and writing a Master Thesis (18 credit points).

After completing the GPE- Program, students will be awarded with the degree certificate "Master of Science in Global Production Engineering" signed by the President of Technical University of Berlin and the Dean of Faculty.

Following you will find a list of available modules. Please feel free to download the detailed GPE Manufacturing module description below.

Studies Structure 



  1. Manufacturing and Factory Planning
  2. Production Technology
  3. Additive Manufacturing
  1. Systematic Product Development
  2. Energy Engineering
  3. Methods-Time Measurement
  4. Mathematical Tools for Engineering and Management
  5. Ecodesign - Implementation and Management
  6. Resource Efficiency Strategies in Industrial Value Chains
  7. CAD Modelling and Collaboration in Engineering Design
  1. Global Production Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Information and Communication Management
  4. Environmental Management
  5. Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  6. Business Administration
Intercultural Communication
  1. German for Engineers
  2. Technology Transfer
  3. Project Management
  4. Sustainability Approaches and Tools
  5. Technology and Innovation Management
Special Profile
  1. Lean Production
  2. Lean Management
  3. Simulation of Production Systems
  4. GPE Projects
  5. Enterprise Architecture and IT in the Automotive Industry
  6. Business Models and Entrepreneurship


Mandatory Modules
  1. Workshop for Intercultural Communication and Relationship
  2. GPE Seminar - Scientific Working

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