Career Perspectives of Alumni

The degree you earn during your studies will open doors for you to technology-oriented enterprises and organizations and will qualify you to found your own business. Our graduates can be found in small and medium-sized companies as well as major corporations like Volkswagen or Airbus. A third of the GPE graduates return to their home country after 3-5 years to pursue their careers, while a third remains with companies in Germany for a few more years and a third stay on permanently. Alumni often tell GPE that their highly developed ability to communicate across cultures and cooperate in globally interacting supply chains is of immense value to them. But it‘s not just industry that attracts GPE graduates - science-oriented students often find jobs at universities and research facilities. Personal interviews confirm that graduates with degrees from GPE more than meet the demands of the labor market. Salaries of GPE graduates in the first three years after graduation are significantly greater than their salaries earned as holders of bachelor‘s degrees. GPE graduates earn usually after three years of work experience between 40.000 and 65.000€. The average in our survey from 2011 was 50.000€.


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Q: How does the application process work?

A: Applications for the GPE program are only accepted online via this link. Paper applications...

Q: What does GPE cost?

A: The program fee is 15.500 EUR for the complete two-year program. Additionally, living costs...

Q: What is special about Germany?

A: Climate and geographic conditions Germany has a temperate climate. In summer the temperature is...