Alumni Portraits

Cao Zhen, Management Trainee @ Bosch Rexroth

Name:      Cao Zhen

Position:   Management Trainee

Company: Bosch Rexroth

At the moment I am working...
Bosch Rexroth China as a management trainee.

After my graduation...
I continued my academic pursue as a Ph.D student at the Fraunhofer Institute (IPK) in Berlin, Germany.

The next steps for my future career might be...
a managing position in the purchasing department at Bosch Rexroth.

I was convinced to join the GPE Master Program because...
it would broaden my horizon, both academically and culturally.

My GPE studies influenced my professional career by...
teaching me the importance of persistence and integrity.

I enjoyed my time in Berlin because...
of the special intercultural variety that Berlin offers. It is a fantastic city to live in, especially as a student.

My special advice to present and prospective students is...
try to do some part-time jobs, not for the money, but for the fun and the experiance you make during the work.

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence...
learn hard, play hard!

What I always wanted to tell you…
Opportunities might be right around the corner, especially in Berlin.

Field Report of Cao Zhen about his Career at Bosch Rexroth

I’m currently within the “Junior Managers Program” of Bosch Rexroth focusing on Purchasing.

After getting my bachelor degree in Nanjing University in China, I took the opportunity to join the master program of “Global Production Engineering” in TU-Berlin, where an exciting and promising journey started. I was well prepared in both engineering and managing aspects during the program, and got my horizon broaden as well. I became a PHd. Candidate in Fraunhofer IPK after my master, during which time, the Bosch Rexroth and I found mutual fondness in a campus-recruitment, and then here I am, a proud member of the “JMP” community in BR.

My Jobs at Bosch Rexroth

I started my first station in the Project Purchasing in Beijing plant. It’s quite a demanding job, which requires good communication skills and strong technical knowledge. Organization skills and multitasking are also a must. I found myself progressing every day.

After six months, I went to the Project Purchasing in Horb plant in Germany, supporting localization and local-to-global projects. Germany is like my second home country, so I don’t have any culture difficulty. But the experience of working in the lead plant is still priceless, and will benefit me in the long run.

I returned to Beijing plant for my third and current station, but in Purchasing Quality this time. Understanding the quality control gives me the insight, which I can use in the future, to solve problems before they even happen.

My personal experience with Bosch Rexroth

I was welcomed into the BR family and immediately felt comfortable. Colleagues are open and helpful. My stage plan was set systematically and carefully by my mentor, who is a high level manager. He guides me all the way along, and gives me very useful suggestions to prepare me assuming the future management position.

Within the big family, we have a smaller and even closer group, “Junior Management Program”. We are very well connected, sharing experience within different departments and business units. It puts us in perspective and will be beneficial for our future career.

My professional future at Bosch Rexroth

I will go to Logistic for my next and last stage of the JMP training, which has direct and close cooperation with the Project Purchasing. All my stages have the common purpose of preparing me for the future job in Project Purchasing, within which lies my interest.

Jobs and careers at Bosch Rexroth [here]

Jinfeng Gu, Quality Engineer @ ALPS Electric Europe GmbH

Name:      Jinfeng GU

Position:   Quality Engineer

Company: ALPS Electric Europe GmbH

At the moment I am working at...
ALPS Electric Europe GmbH in Germany. I work at the quality department as a quality engineer.

After my graduation I worked for...
RLE international as a quality engineer.

The next steps for my future career are...
to  have more responsibility in the department.

I was convinced to join the GPE Master Program because of...
the reasonable timing plan that the GPE program offers.

My GPE studies influenced my professional career by...
teaching me to be to become a team player and to be open minded. The GPE studies also teach you to have an international scope by studying together with international students.

I enjoyed my time in Berlin because of...
the special variety of cultures that Berlin offers and also because of the comparatively low costs of living in Berlin.

My special advice or recommendation to present and prospective students is…
to enjoy life and take your time to experience the city and the broad program of opportunities it offers.

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence…
it opened the door to the world for me!

Photo: Intake 2005. Jinfeng Gu (front row, middle)

Unni Suresh, Project Leader R&D @ Siemens AG

Name:       Unni Suresh

Position:    Project Leader R&D

Company:  Siemens AG

At the moment I am working at…
Siemens AG in Berlin as a project leader in the research & development department (medium voltage division).

After my graduation I worked for...
I started my GPE studies in 2006 and completed an internship at Siemens in 2007. Since 2008 I work as a regular employee for Siemens. Presently, I have an unlimited work contract with Siemens and a permanent residence VISA. 

The next steps for my future career might be...
I'm very much satisfied with my tasks and responsibilities at Siemens. Maybe, in future I will extend my supports from Berlin to guide R&D projects for Siemens Mumbai, India.  

I was convinced to join the GPE Master Program because of...
the course content, flexibility and exposure to various disciplines in the GPE program. Besides the excellent teaching faculties and experienced teachers, it has a benefit to graduate from a world renowned university like the TU Berlin. In addition I received a full time scholarship from Siemens Germany for my master studies.  

My GPE studies influenced my professional career by...
opening gates to me and offering me a variety of international career opportunities.  

I enjoyed my time in Berlin because of...
the multicultural attitude in Berlin and the sheer number of events and happenings each and every day. You can experience new things every day!

My special advice or recommendation to present and prospective students is…
Don't wait for opportunities but seek for it.

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence...
most cherishing moments I had in my life!

Photo: Intake 2006, field trip to the cinema. Movie: An inconvenient Truth
Unni Suresh (very left), Prof. Seliger (third from left).


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