General Application Information

Before applying, please take your time and read the information given on this website, especially the information about the program fees. Information from third parties, e.g. DAAD may be outdated. 

Electronic Application

The electronic registration system of our GPE-Online-System let you register to one of our GPE study programs easily. Electronic registration is the first step of the GPE application procedure. Do not hesitate to register. You will have no difficulties to cancel your application if you change your mind.

Application Period for the Intake 2017

The application period for the intake 2017 will last from October 1, 2016 until March 31, 2017. Within this period, the online application form has to be filled out to be recognized as a potential candidate to the upcoming intake. 

Application Procedure

  1. All applicants have to apply online. Our GPE-Online-System is the main information center for you as well as for us. 
    Without filling the minimum required information the application will be notified as incomplete and the profile will not be evaluated initially.
  2. Just create only once with your preference study program (manufacturing or solar)
    Please be assured, in case that we feel you are a potential applicant for the other major we will offer you the opportunity to change. In case you wish to change the study major by yourself: please send an email to info(at) heading: 
    e.g.: GPE 2016 - MAN [Family Name], [Firstname] - Change of major from Manufacturing to Solar or
    GPE 2016 - NET [Family Name], [Firstname] - Change of major from Solar to Manufacturing
    Once you received an admission to your chosen program - a change of major means to loose the admission confirmation and your profile will be evaluate according to the requirements to the other major. There is no guarantee to receive the admission for the other major. 
  3. Fill in all gaps (including the subject of your bachelor thesis, if available),  as all details are important to get a complete impression of you and your potentials.
    Initial evaluation of completed profiles is preferred
  4. Once you filled out the online application form you will be notified. 
    Please make sure to keep your email and postal addresses (which should be the main address) updated.
  5. It is essential that you fill out the online application form prior to March 31st 2016, 12pm CET to be recognized as a potential candidate for the upcoming intake. 
    Due to long visa application procedures, an early processing of an appliation requires submission of the application well in advance of the deadline. Therfore GPE employs a rolling admission system so that admissions can already be declared before the deadline. 


Important: Please bear in mind that enquiries regarding the application process will be exclusively answered per e-mail, so please refrain from contacting us via telephone. Once you submit your application we kindly ask you to wait 2 weeks for our reply, before starting sending enquiry e-mails. 

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